Walk Around my Neighborhood

President’s Day! I did nothing. I was so bored this afternoon that I decided to take my camera and go for a stroll around my neighborhood. There’s a closed junior high school right next to my house so I decided to venture in and take a couple photos in there. Came out, walked down the street next to my house and I liked how the far skyline looked – layers of trees, hills, and buildings. Also a shot of a flower along the side of the street. It was also a good chance to play with my new Olympus M. Zuiko 40-150R lens that I got on sale for $99! It’s much more compact than my Panasonic 45-200mm, which is great.

Photos aren’t too special, but please enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Walk Around my Neighborhood

  1. I just purchased that lens yesterday. It will arrive sometime this week. You got a great deal. I spent $100 more for mine. I did get the camera and the 12-50mm lens on sale, though. I saved $100 when I purchased those 🙂

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