Big Bear Lake

Living in sunny Southern California, I don’t get to see a lot of snow. However, the wonderful thing about SoCal is that weather is pretty awesome all-year around, the city is happening, beaches are everywhere, there are hills and mountains on the outskirts, and you only need to drive about two hours to see snow in the winter.

My friends and I decided to spend a weekend up in Big Bear for a weekend of Tequila consumption and… chilling. We weren’t going to do any snowboarding or skiing, but we did end up sledding.

I was suffering from massive neck pain due to muscle strain this whole weekend, so I spent most of my time taking photos of my friends. I did jump on a tube and sled down with my friends towards the end… and it was pretty fun. heh.

While I did have my camera with me, I didn’t have much opportunity to take any scenic photos that I really liked, but I’ll share some that I thought were OK.


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