Downown Los Angeles Architecture in B&W

Just a few shots of interesting geometry, shapes, and architecture in downtown Los Angeles. Oh, and a bird statue. Please let me know what you think of the B&W conversion! I think the glass and concrete give a nice grainy gray texture in B&W.






10 thoughts on “Downown Los Angeles Architecture in B&W

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  2. The B&W is OK. It focuses on form, space and texture. No distractions by colors. May be you could edit the perspective out of shot 1 and 3, so that all the verticals are vertical; and the shots become a bit more abstract. Cheers, harrie.

      • You can come quite a way in Lightroom using ‘Lens Corrections’. Use Profile or Distortion to get straight lines; than Rotate to get an exact vertical in the middle (if possible); then use Vertical Horizontal to get rid of the perspective; and then crop the dead grey away. Cheers, harrie

  3. i like the geometry concept, but i would recommend playing with ‘transformation’ tools in photoshop to align the lines. also (assuming you’re editing raw) tweak ‘blacks’ to give full contrast to highlights and shadows. for example, i used light source from the ferry and letters on the wall i’m no expert in b&w photography, but it sure is an emotion-invoking side of photography!

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