Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Tree & Clouds)

My second attempt at the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s topic is up, something that means ‘up’ to me.

I immediately thought of this photo:

Dramatic clouds in a blue sky. FE lens.

The skies were very cloudy that day, but in a good way. I had my fisheye lens and used that tree to create a focal point. I wish it was out in the middle of nowhere with a tree and clouds like that, but the clouds make it interesting for me.

As I went through my collection, I found a couple other photos that may qualify for this challenge as well:

Lonely palm tree

A lonely palm tree and the sky.

Towering Palms

And another one of my favorite photos – palm trees going UP!

I hope you enjoyed me entry to the challenge. Thank you!



19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Tree & Clouds)

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