Film Photography Part 1.5 : Ilford Delta 400 B&W Film

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about my photography journey, rather than just photos from trips. I was hoping to post about my second film camera (actually first, since I was borrowing the Samsung), but I spent an entire roll in a day so I could test the camera and didn’t get many that I liked out of it. Same with the next camera.

So what I decided to do was post about film! The photos out of the Samsung were using Fuji Superia film since it seemed to be most readily available at the time. After learning more about film, I now have Ilford Delta B&W, Fuji Acros B&W, Fuji Velvia, and Kodak Portra film sitting at home waiting to be used and developed. This post is a brief post about the Ilford Delta B&W.

Before I even started getting interested in film, I’ve read some news recently about Ilford releasing high-grade disposable B&W compacts and read that it was a respected company. I know Ming Thein also uses their film, although his shots are mostly medium format (since then I’ve also read on his blog that Fuji Acros is better for brighter lights and dynamic range so I got a pack of that too).


I haven’t had a chance to test the Fuji Acros film yet but I hope to soon because Southern California has some harsh sun and I could use its performance.


I think Ming had said that Ilford is better at lower light greys (gray vs grey?) and I would agree that this film provides some really pleasing shades.


Along those lines, I would probably recommend under-exposing slightly for Ilford film, as highlights can be harsh and ugly.


I like how it processes skin tones too, pretty nice for taking photos of people. Since I intended to use film mostly for taking photos of people, this is a good thing for me!


I particularly like how the above shot came out!

So overall, it’s pretty good film. Supposedly bested by Fuji Acros in highlights but really good with blacks and greys. Pretty pleasing portraiture and skin tones, which is good for my needs!


And lastly, here’s a photo I took with my Samsung, guessed focus by distance and set it on a SUV’s dashboard with a 24mm lens. People in the back are a little blurry, but this shot has been framed and displayed in my room. I think this is ultimately why I take photos, to preserve memories of great times with great friends.



6 thoughts on “Film Photography Part 1.5 : Ilford Delta 400 B&W Film

  1. Nice set, I especially like the shot of the restaurant. My favorite color film is Portra 400, period. It’s got a crazy amount of tolerance for situations with a high dynamic range, and the colors are flawless. For black and white I typically use HP5+ because it pushes better then the Delta and costs a little less.

    • I got some Portra 100 I think at home, but I’ll have to get a box of the 400 too. I’ll post my impressions of the Fuji Acros B&W when I get some developed!

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