Los Angeles Skyline

Los Angeles isn’t particularly known for its skylines, partly due to there not being a lot of high-rises because of earthquake risks. The skies/air aren’t particularly clear either, with so many cars and industry surrounding the area. Well it was my first time visiting Griffith Park Observatory. I have no idea why they’d build an observatory right next to such a huge city, the light pollution would ruin most shots I imagine, but I’m not an expert at that stuff. Nonetheless, it’s a great opportunity and location for people to see Los Angeles from a higher vantage point. Here are my photos:

This is downtown LA. The plaza/complex on the bottom right is The Grove I think.


I posted this shot before, Hollywood and Culver City in the background.


This is just the view down Vermont St I think. Nothing special, just pretty, bright lines!


Finally a view of the actual observatory. Still can’t help but wonder what you can actually see from here…


Thank you!


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