Photo 2: Black & White vs Color

Please let me know in the comments which version you prefer!

Here’s another pair of photos that I think go well in either black and white or in color. Please share your thoughts and any post-processing advice as well!



thank you!


8 thoughts on “Photo 2: Black & White vs Color

  1. I prefer the black and white…it says more to me…maybe because it becomes more of a statement and expression, not sure of what…but the other though it has beautiful colors seems more like a publicity photo…

    • Perhaps some of the problem is that the statement/expression is not clear. But I see what you mean about the colors making it look like a publicity photo. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. I like both images, but I think I prefer the color version. As Glenn mentions, I think that it tells a more complete story. For me, the yellow of the machine, the green of the tree, the blue of the house, and especially the orange in one of the rooms all add to the story, providing additional context for these individual elements. Nice shot.

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