Freeway Long Exposures

A couple more from the night before. I wish the spaces between wires on the fence were larger so I could fit my lens through, but they can also add interest to the photo. I guess it all depends on how you look at them.

I’d like to note that these are 5sec and 2.5sec exposures, all hand-held but braced against the fence. I like to give thanks to Olympus OM-D’s 5-Axis In-Body-Image-Stabilization for this awesome feat!



Here’s a bonus shot: I accidentally pressed the shutter while bracing for an exposure, the camera shook a bit so I twisted my wrist a bit to relax my muscles, all while the shutter was open. The shot was kinda cool:


thanks for viewing my shots!


5 thoughts on “Freeway Long Exposures

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