Canvas Prints Arrived!

A while back I put up a post asking readers to vote on which photo would look best on a canvas print. Although many voted for the photo I have as my header, I felt that photo would look better on a cleaner, glossier print rather than canvas. I was looking for a photo in B&W or a bit muted colors, as I felt they would look best on canvas. Maybe I’m wrong. I chose two photos and had them printed. Easycanvasprints was having a sale on the 16″x20″ canvas print, all for under $30. Two prints came out to a bit under $60.

Here they are!


They were a bit bigger than I expected. I love the way they came out. The motorcycle one is a bit loose, but tight enough.

Here they are on my walls



I love them! Please let me know what you think!



5 thoughts on “Canvas Prints Arrived!

    • I used because they had a sale for 16″x20″ canvas for $28 each. They’re the only shop I’ve tried so I can’t give you much insight, but I’m pretty happy with their work. Monitor slickdealz for canvas print deals! They come up every now and then. 🙂

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