Baby Palms

Baby Palms

Baby on the beach, one day he’ll tower over the surfers too.

They’re actually called Mexican Fan Palms. Credit to Madison for the name tip!

Photo taken at Monarch Beach, Dana Point with the Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 lens at f/1.4. I used the widest aperture to get thin depth of field for maximum background separation so I could focus on the palm tree. However, I think I misfocused a bit or used too wide of an aperture because it’s hard to pinpoint which part of the tree is actually in full focus at 100% magnification. I took three shots as I tried to get the couple in the background in a good pose, but in hindsight I overlooked the two signs. Perhaps I should’ve moved to the right a bit to have the couple stand out a bit more and get the signs out of view.

Thank you!


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