Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns (Bridges)

After reading this week’s topic, I went through my pictures to choose my favorite pattern photo.

It turns out my favorite patterns photo was one I actually took yesterday at San Diego. It’s the bridge that connects San Diego and Coronado Island. I took a photo from below the bridge, and although I wish I could get a better view of the arch patterns under the bridge, it was still a decent shot.


And after selecting that shot, I also thought of the shot I took from under Balboa Pier, which is one of my more popular shots.

Balboa Pier

Please enjoy, thank you!



18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns (Bridges)

  1. Great photos. I love the telephone pole and wires in the first photo. I think the wires do a great job of drawing your eye into the photo. You could have photoshopped those out but I think leaving it as you found it really adds to the image.

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