Red Train under Blue Skies

Red Train under Blue Skies

Last week brought me to San Diego twice. Thursday for business and Saturday for a friend’s graduation. While I ponder whether I should share some of my friend’s graduation photos on my blog, here’s a photo of a train!

After work on Thursday, I wandered over to Harbor Street near the bridge to Coronado Island. I parked my car on the street somewhere and wandered around for a while when I came across railroad tracks.

There was a train parked on the tracks so I wandered over there and took a couple shots until someone from a nearby office saw me and asked me to step away from the trains a bit.

Photo was taken with the Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 lens just because it was what was on my camera. I wish I had a few more minutes to try photographing the train from different angles but this was the best shot I got. I’m not excited about the composition but fairly satisfied. What do you think? Any suggestions for composing this shot?

I still want but haven’t been able to take a nice railroad shot from real low & close to the tracks… someday!!


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