Coronado Bridge

So I was at San Diego last Thursday for business and took a couple shots of Coronado Bridge. I had to post one (the better one) for the weekly photo challenge, but I’ll post the two photos I got together as a set.

Coronado Bridge

Not much to say about this photo, just a wide view of the bridge. It’s a fantastic looking bridge though, curved to allow Navy warships to pass through under the bridge. I wonder if you can walk across the bridge, there’d be spectacular views of the city and all the warships there.

Under Coronado Bridge

There was a fence covering my view for this shot so I really had to tip-toe and use the tilted display to get this shot. I’m going to see if I can get better shots a little further up next time I’m in San Diego. I really like how the arch patterns continue. The shot was edited in Lightroom to adjust for lens tilt. A tight aperture was used so I could get a lot in focus. Both photos were taken with the Panasonic 14-45mm lens on my OMD.

Thank you!


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