La Jolla Cove Beach

A couple more photos from my trip to La Jolla Cove after my friend’s graduation.

At the Friends of the Seals ‘display’, there’s metal railing along the viewing platform that’s rusted severely due to continued exposure to salt water.


Initially, I was shooting over the railing to get views of the beach and shore in the distance, but those shots weren’t really interesting. Then I noticed the railing. The orange rust provided nice contrast against the beautiful blue ocean behind it so I tried to frame a shot showing the railing in a dynamic view against the ocean. There were also waves crashing against the platform, splashing up to the rails but during the couple minutes I waited to get a shot, the waves had died down a bit and I couldn’t get that shot. I was with a bunch of friends and didn’t have time to try more angles, maybe I’ll experiment more the next time I’m there. Also note to self: bring ND filter and try longer exposures.


This is a shot of the beach from the viewing platform. You can see some seals on the bottom right corner there. This place is just such a beautiful area. Always full of tourists but for good reason. Can you imagine living there? Must be beautiful.

San Diego really is one of my favorite cities. Irvine, San Diego, Boston.



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