The Getty Center

So I ran out of new pictures to post and started going through my photos folder and realized I hadn’t posted my Getty Center photos from late last year.

It was in December I think, but we’re in California so the garden was full of flowers.


This was early in my photography days, when I look back at these photos there’s a few changes I’d make for better composition/framing… as well as focusing.


I don’t think they’re too bad though!


The Getty Center is known for architecture too. I really wish I could go back and take this photo again. The man against the large wall and buildings… I want to experiment more with this view. I remember thinking that guy was in the way, but now that I look at this photo I think his presence actually adds a bit of depth to the photo. What do you think?


On the tram ride down, I was sitting at one end and just snapped a shot of everyone’s feet. Surprisingly, the photo looked cool I thought.

These photos were taken with my Panasonic GX1 with the Panasonic 14-45mm lens. This is a pretty amazing camera and I can’t believe they’re selling it for $244!!! It’s a great deal on a great camera, very hard to beat.

Well yeap, just sharing my old photos. Please let me know what you think!

And Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “The Getty Center

  1. Yes I think the man adds to the photo. This picture would work great for the weekly photo challenge: Escape : )

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