Cityscape Photo Wall – Need help/suggestions!

Cityscape Photo Wall

Please read on and share your thoughts and give me some suggestions!

This is a scene from the Korean movie, New World. See that photo-wall behind the desk? Five large prints in different sizes creating one large photo of a city. My guess is that the city is either Seoul or Hong Kong, I can’t tell.

My mission this year is to take a photo in a big city that is worty of a 3+ large print photo-collage. It’ll probably be a multi-shot panorama so I can get plenty of resolution.

What do you think? Do you have any photos that are worth printing like this? Any cities/locations you’d recommend?

Please share!

Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Cityscape Photo Wall – Need help/suggestions!

  1. Great idea and much more interesting than a straight panorama – Sydney, Australia would make a fantastic triptych or fivich (whatever 5 are called) because you can get the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the beautiful blue harbour in the one spread depending on where you stand you get so many different angles of the same thing. Only problem I can see is that you are not from Sydney and it is quite expensive to get there for just one set of photos lol

    • Sydney………. haha i wish!! I’ll visit there eventually. Portland, Seattle, and Chicago are on my agenda this summer, possibly New York too. Hopefully I’ll get a shot in one of those cities.

  2. Cool idea.

    Another possibility is Denver. Shoot from City Park near the Denver Zoo, you can get the skyline with the mountains in the background.

  3. Richmond VA has some pretty great wide angle views. We’re on the James River and there’s great views of buildings, bridges and rocks…come check it out 🙂

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