Wide Shots

I was looking over my pictures and just thought it’d be interesting to collect some of my wide-view shots. Most are shot normally and cropped wide, few are panorama shots.

Please do NOT use any of the above photos for your facebook coverphoto (or anywhere else) without my prior consent.


This shot was just shot out of my car while I was stuck on a red light going home from work. The sky had such a beautiful orange/red glow. I snapped the shot and ended up cropping off a lot of it. Not a great shot but I think… there’s something to it. Shot with a Panasonic GX1 and Panasonic 20mm f/1.7.


While taking a walk around my neighborhood in the afternoon, I got this shot of Irvine. I don’t think I had my telephoto lens when I took this shot, so it was zoomed out. After I transferred it to the computer, I tried cropping out the foreground and liked the outcome. I like how there are multiple layers of the city in this shot.

DTSF, Bay Bridge

San Francisco shot from Treasure Island with a Samyang Fisheye lens. Not much to say about this photo… shot a long exposure on a tripod and cropped off the top! The city is naturally beautiful so it’s easy to take pleasing photos.


A shot of Boston’s Charles River and a bridge connecting MIT and Harvard Universities in Cambridge. Not sure which bridge though. Truly beautiful city. Long exposure again, on a 14-45mm.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan in Vegas. This is a shot from their garage, cropped off top/bottom. Best hotel in Vegas that I’ve been to.



Just a couple photos of people in downtown LA. It was a late Saturday afternoon/evening and the streets were rather quiet. Photos shot on the Panasonic 14-45 and cropped.

San Diego Skyline Panorama

A panorama shot of San Diego, taken from Coronado Island. I missed focus on a couple of shots,  resulting in a bit of blur for some of the buildings…


Panorama shot of the Grand Canyon. This shot is a compilation of like 23 photos I think. Huge original file! There was a ton of overlap between each file, but I think that allowed for a nice stitching job on photoshop!

I’m going to do a post with all my night city skyline photos. That one’s going to be nice. I’ll be in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago over the next couple months so hopefully I’ll be able to include those cities! If you live in any of those cities, please let me know if you know any great places for beautiful views of the city skylines!

Thank you!


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