Street Long Exposures Again

So  when my friend and I went to that freeway overpass to get some long exposure shots, we decided to explore a couple other overpasses that could potentially have some nice views.

The next street was Jamboree and 405. I parked my car in a parking lot near the overpass and snapped this photo while walking up the overpass.


I kind of wish I had this as a long exposure for the car light streaks, but I like how the buildings look and how the lights illuminate the clouds/sky. This was taken with my Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake.

The great thing about this overpass was that there’s a section that’s unobstructed by fencing, providing a clear view of the freeway from the side.


It’s kind of funny because the yellow dotted streaks are car’s turn signals. Another long exposure with my Panasonic 14-45mm with CPL and 3stop ND.

Then I turned around and got a photo of this building on the other side of the overpass.


I got low so I could get the car lights streaking through the scene.

This concludes the series of photos I took that night! I need to hurry and go shooting soon or I won’t have anything to post this week!

Thank you



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