Americana Mall at Glendale

So the past Monday, I had to take my brother back to his dorms in Glendale. After he checked in, we went to the Cheesecake Factory in the Americana Mall at Glendale. It was my first time at this mall, called the 2nd The Grove mall. They even had a musical fountain show too, which was pretty cool, I guess.

Anyways, there was this golden statue in the middle of the fountain of a man leaping or reaching for the skies. Or a ballet move. I’m… not sure.


The other cool part of this mall was that red tower in the background. I tried to get a nice shot with the statue and tower in the same shot. I also timed the shot so the fountain was spraying right around the statue.


This second shot is similar but I framed it so I could get more of those blue skies in the shot. It also emphasizes the statue’s pose, reaching up into the skies. Or jumping. Or ballet or something.


This is a shot from the other side of the fountain.

It was nice playing with the clarity and lens distortion sliders on Lightroom. What do you think of the shots? Any suggested angles/points of views to shoot the place from?

Thank you!


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