Seattle Skyline Panoramas from Kerry Park

If you’re a photographer and you’re in Seattle, you need to visit Kerry Park.

I visited Seattle back in 2007 as part of a college graduation road trip with friends. My friend that lived in Seattle took us to this area across the bay where you could see the Seattle skyline. The problem was that downtown was on the right side, there was this huge void, and then the Space Needle was way off on the left. The Seattle skyline is not complete without downtown and the Space Needle visible together! And they were way too far off in that angle to be a meaningful photo.

So I thought, it’ be perfect if there was a rooftop or hill to the back of the Space Needle, where you could see the Space Needle in the foreground and downtown in the back.

I went on Google Maps and started looking it up and sure enough, Kerry Park came up.

I’ll let me photos do the talking:



The first shot was a 5-shot panorama and second was a 3-shot panorama, zoomed in with my Panasonic 45-200mm, set to manual exposure and focusing (so all shots would come out the same), and stitched together using Photoshop CS5.

A couple notes – the Manfrotto is WAAAYYY better than my Dolica tripod. Previously, I had difficulty getting stable shots zoomed in with my 45-200mm lens. This tripod was stable. Especially in the windy weather that night. Second, this area is PACKED with photographers. I think this was worsened by the fact that this was one of the few clear-sky nights in Seattle. No rain and beautiful skies.


That’s me there with the green sneakers in the middle. That’s only one section of this park, there was 50ft+ of photographers and their tripods waiting for the sun to set. Plenty of tourists with their point and shoot cameras trying to capture the night skyline with flash too.

Overall, I got approximately 100 shots from that park. Kept moving to better spots as people left and took more photos each time… And the sun was setting too.

Please enjoy the photos! Let me know what you think, and if you know any secret skyline vantage points in your own neighborhood!

Thank you.


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