Photo 3: Black & White vs Color

Please let me know in the comments which version you prefer!

This photo was taken in Seattle, at one of the piers. As I was editing the photo, I realized that the stark, contrasty feel of the photo may look good in black & white as well.


What do you think?


Photo: Black&White vs Color

Photo 2: Black&White vs Color


20 thoughts on “Photo 3: Black & White vs Color

  1. Now, that is a difficult choice and I can see why you’re asking for comments…the black and white gives the photo an air of history…it tells a story of times past. I think I prefer it, but the other is beautiful too. Hmmm…yes b/w for me.

  2. The black and white photo and the colored one are so similar in shades. I like the color photo better because of that little touch of blue in it, it is almost as if the blue didn’t belong there which adds to the interest of that image.

  3. B&W is my favorite treatment of this photo. The white of both boats really pop with the contrast int he B&W. They don’t have quite the pop in the color. also in the B&W the dock sections on the side blend in more and don’t distract your eye from the boats and sky which imo are the real focal points of interest in the photo. Great job taking this photo and processing it well. It is tough when the exposure is so dark to not have everything muddled you found a great treament to make something awesome.

  4. B&W… Due to growing up in the Pacific Northwest where it rains 9 months of the year and usually overcast when not raining… I find the B&W to my liking and a feeling as opposed to the appealing colors. Thank you for sharing.

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