Seattle Salmon – King & Copper River

It’s Friday so this is going to be a light & easy post.


Yumm… see those two beautiful cuts of salmon? The left, more orange cut is the Copper River salmon and the other is king salmon. My first photo was shot wide open at f/1.4 so it only got part of the fillets in focus, opened it to f/4 and I think I nailed perfect depth of field. What do you think?

Speaking of salmon, why is the L silent?? I always pronounce it ‘sal-mon’. Friends at work keep making fun of me, saying it should be pronounced ‘ssa-mon’. I say SALMON!! haha

As a bonus, here’s a seagull that was staring at us eat. Zoomed in with my Panasonic 45-200.


Happy Friday!!

Oh and the salmon is from Ivar’s Acres of Clams off Pier 54 in Seattle. The mashed potatoes under that salmon were spectacular too.


6 thoughts on “Seattle Salmon – King & Copper River

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