Portland’s OHSU Tram Ride

In Portland, there’s a hospital/univeristy named OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) that’s located on a hill above the city. Because traffic to the school can be congested up the small roads and parking get can tight on the limited space up there, OHSU operates a, aerial tram from the city. It’s a 5 minute ride and it’s free for students and $4 roudntrip for visitors.


While most Portland-ers consider the $4 fare a rip-off for the measly 5 minute ride, I found it rather reasonable as a tourist. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to absurd fares for ferris wheels, trams, and other attractions that a $4 fare seemed cheap.

The tram operates regularly and because it’s for traffic to/from a hospital and university, it operates until 9:30pm on weekdays.

Along the ride up and down, you can get some great views of Portland.


To the east/northeast you can see the river, several bridges, and the mountains in the distance.


To the north you can see downtown Portland. This is a shot of downtown with a network of highways before it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid glare from the tram windows…


Due east, you can see the other tram going up/down in the opposite direction with the Williamette River in the background. Not much besides that to see though.


There’s a platform on the top where you can see the views and take photos. The viewing area is pretty high… and there’s a warning to not sit or climb on the rail, although I have NO IDEA why anybody would do that.


If you’re looking for photo opportunities, you can also catch some decent photos of the trams from the ground. I was lucky enough to get a shot when the sun was setting and the sky was golden.

Thank you for enjoying my OHSU Aerial Tram photos! More photos of Portland to come soon!


4 thoughts on “Portland’s OHSU Tram Ride

  1. Nice views, especially the skyline shot.

    If there was no sign, you’ll be surprised someone would be highly tempted to sit on, or climb, the railing.

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