Portland Bridges – Steel Bridge


Portland has the Williamette River which runs through the middle of the city. Naturally, there are several bridges along the river throughout the length of the city. While some are… rather ‘plain’ bridges, there’s the Steel Bridge which was a very interesting bridge to me.


Because boats frequently pass through the river, each bridge has to make way for the bigger boats to pass through. The problem is that railroad tracks can’t bend upwards like most bridges. So they designed bridges where a section of the lower deck and/or upper deck will move vertically to allow passage of the larger boats, as necessary.


I really wanted to see the bridge in action, but unfortunately no boats passed while I was near the river.

While I took photos of several other bridges, none of the shots really stood out for me. Here are a couple other shots at the evening around sunset.



Tip: you can get nice colorful exposures of the sky by underexposing slightly when you take a photo. If you shoot RAW, make sure you don’t blow highlights in the sky and shoot reasonably, then lower your highlights in your post-processing software.


Portland Bridges

It’s absolutely stunning in Portland during sunset, especially when the weather’s so nice. I was very lucky to not see any rain during my entire Northwest trip.

I’ll be following up with a few shots from downtown Portland and other areas tomorrow.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Portland Bridges – Steel Bridge

  1. Unless you protest, I’d like to Nominate you for a “Best Blog” award. It’s a great honor! Nice going! You may hear more of this in the future. I will keep you posted.

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