Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes (Pedestrian)

This week’s challenge asked for the following:
•Observe a scene first before lifting your camera to your eye.
•Ask yourself: What is the subject? What will you (not) include in the frame?
•Look for natural lines or frames in the shot to guide the viewer’s eye.
•Try different angles: Get low on the pavement. Look down from above.

Here’s my shot first:


While this isn’t the greatest shot and lacks a clear subject, I brought it up because it caused a bit of debate at dpreview.

I posted the photo on the forums because while the photo seemed boring, there was something about it that drew my attention back to it. I wanted others’ opinions on the photo.

Many thought the photo was horrible because of the lack of a clear subject, many others loved the composition of the photo with leading lines, use of the rule of thirds, and use of black and white.

For me, I came up with the conclusion that there are no rules for photography. There are guidelines and suggestions such as leading lines, rule of thirds, etc, but none of these are absolute requirements for an interesting or enjoyable photo.

I went back to this spot later to recompose the photo a bit better, get a bit more space on top of the pedestrian symbol, but ended up not processing those photos. As some readers/friends suggested, I do wish to get this shot again with someone walking (with slight motion blur). I think that would give the photo a nice subject, what do you think?



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12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes (Pedestrian)

  1. I think you’re right about “no rules.” If you like the shot, it works. If others like it, even better. A photo will evoke a different response in different people. If some of the things I see in the modern art section of a museum are considered “great art”, anything goes! 🙂

    I think taking the same shot with a blurred person or people in motion would look really great.


  2. I think the fact that the picture is a tad bit dark gives is an eerie “film noir” sensation. It’s not about what is in the picture but what is happening outside the frame? It can be anything. Apocalypse? A car crash? I think because we don’t see a specific action or subject leaves a lot more to the imagination. It could be anything! Great choice for this challenging prompt.

    • Film noir, I hadn’t thought of that but you’re right. I wish there was a giant robot walking down that street outside the frame… but then again I probably wouldn’t be able to post here if that was true!

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