Universal Citywalk at Golden Hour

Gotta love the Golden Hour. The whole world turns golden and lighting is just perfect for anything.

Well a few weeks ago I was at Universal Citywalk when this golden hour hit. I got some shots that are my new favorites.


This shot doesn’t really show the golden hour’s effects so much, but I like that metal dome frame against the trees.


Now look at that light!! Not so harsh, so gold, and enriching! I was inside a MLB store when I came out because the light was so beautiful. I had to photograph something, everything.


I pointed my camera back towards the sun. I loved how the golden sunlight created silhouettes and long shadows. The contrast created so much drama and it was so rich!


This one’s my current desktop background. It’s a wider view of a similar shot of the above.

Now this one’s my favorite:


I know it’s very similar to the other two shots, but I like this one better because of that guy in the middle. He’s just walking at you. His shadow extends to the corner of the frame and they create leading lines towards him. He has this stance too. If I could just get him to stand out a little more, it would’ve been such a shot!! I still like it though. This is my cellphone’s background screen.

My lesson from this day was that during golden hour, you shoot anything and everything you can. You need to have your camera.

I hope you enjoyed my shots! Thank you.


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