Spokane River/Falls 1: Daytime

Spokane (pronounced spo-can, not spo-cane), Washington. It’s the second largest city in the state of Washington and is located approximately 90 miles south of the Canadian border and 20 miles west of the Idaho border.

When business brought me to this little town, I really didn’t expect much. It was a rather small city that not many people have been to or heard of, so it’d be a quick stop en route to Seattle for me.

I was wrong.


Spokane has the beautiful Spokane River running right through the middle of the city. Unlike Portland and its Williamette River, there are a series of waterfalls along Spokane River in Spokane. The river itself also being much thinner than the Williamette River, there are several pedestrian bridges in Spokane. They really developed this river and its falls into a tourist attraction. And I think they’ve done a wonderful job.


This pic here is one of my favorites. I like the greens and the compositional balance.

The city developed the area surrounding the river into a giant park – Riverfront Park. It seems there’s also a mall with restaurants and such across the street as well.

Focusing on the river and falls, it’s just a beautiful area. Very nice pedestrian bridges and walkways to take an evening stroll or jog.


The weather was beautiful when I was there. Blue skies with just enough clouds. That made the sunset spectacular too – orange skies like it was on fire! Some photos of that will come in a future post.

As you can see on the left of the photo above, they had a IMAX movie theater in the park too. This was the recreational center of Spokane.

Spokane River Day

The running river of course provided wonderful photo opportunities. But as I mentioned in my previous post – my river shots were much more dynamic around/after sunset!

Please come back to see part 2: evening photos.


4 thoughts on “Spokane River/Falls 1: Daytime

  1. Great post! Spokane really is great! I have been there many many times! I was looking to move there at one point actually haha. However, it didn’t work out. Anyhow, I’m glad you enjoyed your time there 🙂

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