Spokane River/Falls 2: Evening

If you’ve seen my previous post, you’ve seen photos of Spokane River/Falls during the day. Because the photos were taken in bright sunlight (and I forgot my ND filter at my hotel), I was unable to use longer shutter speeds to smoothen out the rough streams of water.

Spokane Evening

So after dinner, I went back to the Riverfront Park with my tripod. It was sunset and I got some beautiful photos of the orange/yellow sky, and it looked like it was on fire.

Spokane Evening

I started walking along the pedestrian bridges with my camera set on my tripod, and took multi-second exposures to effectively smooth out the rough river stream.

Spokane Evening

Again, if you follow my blog, you’ve seen my previous post comparing the same scene taken during the day and night.

Spokane River Night

Spokane River around Riverfront Park is truly a fantastic place to take photos. I ran into a couple other photographers with their big DSLRs and tripods too.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Just one more batch of Spokane photos to go and then I’m in Seattle.


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