Four Ladies and little Ducks

Taken at Spokane Riverfront Park, the shot was cropped to remove all elements from the frame except the ladies and the ducks.


Then I thought the colors were a bit too vibrant/saturated so I tried toning down the colors a bit.


What do you think? Do the full natural colors work better for this photo or the slightly toned down version? I think they give off different feelings too.

Please share!

Thank you.


11 thoughts on “Four Ladies and little Ducks

  1. Vibrant is better than toned down in the example, although if you had toned down just a little, only a few ticks, it might have been just perfect

  2. I’m going to disagree with everyone above and say:

    “That is a bit TOO Vibrant.”

    The second has more of a mood than the “BAMMM I’M BRIGHTTTT”
    It has more of the peaceful lake with kids playfully and quietly feeding the ducks.

    And it is a wonderful shot.

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