The Seattle Great Wheel

Located on Pier 57 in Seattle, the Seattle Great Wheel is the tallest ferris wheel on the West Coast of America (175m). It is also one of the very few ferris wheels that are built on a pier and stand over water.

Seattle Great Wheel

There are 42 gondolas that have air-conditioning with spectacular views of the city and pier.

Seattle Great Wheel

While writing this post, I did some research and realized that this wheel just opened up last year in June. Pretty glad I made it to Seattle after it opened.

Seattle Great Wheel

Since the ferris wheel is moving, it was impossible to take panorama shots to stitch together on photoshop later. I also don’t have any wide zooms or primes….. except my Samyang 7.5mm Fish-Eye!

Seattle Great Wheel

I was lucky to have had this lens on me, as the views of the Seattle city skyline were incredible. Another fun way to take photos was of the city behind the ferris wheel’s frame.

Seattle Great Wheel

The next time I’m in Seattle, I hope to ride this ferris wheel later at night so I can get some night time skyline shots. Should be beautiful!

The hardest part about shooting was shake though. Although I had my tripod on me, 1) it’s not easy to set it up against the gondola window and 2) the whole gondola moves. It was a lot of burst shooting and hoping some were sharper than others. Several of the photos posted here are also slightly blurry, but fine in web resolution.

I hope you enjoy the views from the wheel, thank you!


12 thoughts on “The Seattle Great Wheel

    • Yeah I didn’t even think it’d be a good idea until I snapped the photo, then I immediately took several more from this perspective. Thank you!

  1. Great photos. I can’t wait to ride on this when I have a 6 week holiday on the Pacific West Coast. Your blog is giving me great ideas of what I want to see. Thanks so much. Cheers from the land down under.

      • This is our trip of a lifetime . We have never been overseas for more than 2 weeks. There is too much to see on the Pacific West Coast and we needed to take the 6 weeks to fit it all in. Trouble is, we have one year to go until we take the big trip and the anticipation is agonising. lol.Thanks for the tip on Kerry Park in Seattle.

        • If it’s the entire west coast, I’ll say 17 mile drive off Monterey/Camel beach in central California may be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. San Diego is nice, LA is overrated (in my opinion), San Francisco is great, Yosemite National Park is gorgeous, Oregon has some beautiful beaches too, Portland is worth a couple days, Seattle is great, up in Canada you have to see Victoria Island off Vancouver… and I think that’s all I know. Oh and Vegas is a bit inland but close to the west coast. Good luck with your planning! And waiting that one year, definitely sounds agonising yet exciting!

      • Your blog is really helping me get an idea of what to do in Seattle. We booked a tour from San Francisco up to Seattle. We are taking a cruise up from Vancouver. Hiring a car was not an option that we wanted to take, as you guys drive on the wrong side of the ride from us Aussies. LOL!!!! We are going to bus, train and ship our way around. 🙂

        • Monterey Beach (17 mile drive) is about 2-3 hours south of San Francisco. I’d highly recommend finding your way there! LOL something with you island countries driving on the wrong side of the road!

  2. Thanks for the tip on Monterey Beach we are going to spend a few days in San Francisco and a daytrip to Monterey Beach sounds great. Yep us Islanders have to do something different to stand out from the crowd. It may as well be drive on the opposite side of the road to the rest of the world. LOL!!!!

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