Ride the Ducks of Seattle

When asked about things to do in Seattle, someone recommended that we take the Ride the Ducks of Seattle tour. It’s a tour inside a World War II amphibious vehicle. The tour starts on land, driving around Seattle then the captain drives straight into the water and takes us around the bay.

Ride the Ducks

Meet our captain, Captain Braveliver. The tour’s great because the guides don’t give boring explanations/tours of the city. They’re lively and very funny actually. Our captain had a hardhat, clown hat, pirate’s hat, bandanas, etc to match the theme of each part of the city. We saw people in other Duck buses singing and dancing too.

Ride the Ducks

This photo is of Gas Works Park. It’s a park that sits across the bay from downtown Seattle and you can get nice views of the city. There were some people out there on the grass, walking/running, enjoying the view. I zoomed in with my Panasonic 45-200mm and you can really see how zooming in far can mess with perspective. That crane is not that low or small, it’s just what a telephoto does.

Ride the Ducks

Two cool things in this photo: 1) Gas Works Park has the remains of a coal gasification plant and 2) several seaplanes take off from the Seattle bay every day.

The coal gasification plant shows some rusty buildings that were apparently too costly to remove and clean up, so the city made the place a park and called it art (per our captain). You can see a seaplane that took off from the water and is flying into the distance between the plant buildings in the photo.

Ride the Ducks

Seattle has a lot of boat houses and floating homes and a lot of weird things. Apparently the city limits the number of ‘ floating houses’ on the bay so people discovered a loop-hole of making homes that were actually boats. I’m not sure which of the two this photo is of, but that small place costs upwards of $800~900/month to rent apparently. Rent… is expensive in Seattle.

Ride the Ducks

Special homes call for special agents. This is a real estate office for these ‘boat homes’ or ‘floating homes’ or whatever they’re called.

Ride the Ducks

Finally, a shot of the Space Needle to conclude the post. I had shots of the city as well, but most didn’t come out too well because of the distance/smog/fog. I had plenty of skyline photos from the pier, Kerry Park, and the Space Needle that I could afford to delete the city skyline photos from the tour. But yeah, the tour was $28/person + tip so it wasn’t the cheapest tour available but I thought it was definitely worthwhile. If you’re visiting Seattle, I definitely recommend taking a few hours to take this trip. Make sure you bring a nice telephoto lens!

One thing that I realized after getting back from this trip is that I focused too much on taking ‘pretty’ photos that I didn’t take enough photos to document my trip. I don’t have any decent photos of the actual tour bus, which is a bummer.

I have a bunch of trips coming up though, so hopefully my posts will get better and better.

Thank you!


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