The Milky Way from the Rockies

The Milky Way from the Rockies

Leaving the Rocky Mountains on Monday, I was able to leave late enough to get a glimpse of the starry night. Being fairly secluded from city light-pollution, the sky at night is absolutely stunning. The Milky Way was visible on one side of the canyon I was in so I caught a shot.

Taken with my Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye lens. Probably needs further touch up but I was too eager to share this photo!

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18 thoughts on “The Milky Way from the Rockies

    • For some reason WordPress flagged your comment as spam… lol
      If you want to do serious astrophotography, you need to get those star trackers? that shift your camera as the Earth rotates… but for casual shots like mine, you just need to go somewhere that’s dark enough. Southern California, unfortunately, isn’t the best place for this…

  1. you call that “a glimpse”? That’s a great shot :). What post-processing are you thinking about? Contrasting the sky/stars a litle bit more to make the stars and milky way stand out a bit more? That’s the only thing I’d try to do, if any…

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