Seattle’s Space Needle

It’s been a while since I’ve made a real post. Since I posted about Seattle’s Ride the Ducks tour, I’ve been busy with work – traveling to Denver, Chicago, Fort Wayne (IN), Grand Rapids (MI), and Detroit. I want to finish up Seattle in maybe 2 posts including this one – the Space Needle and the streets of Seattle.

Then I’ll move on to my other travels, hopefully before I hit my next travels in August.

Well enough about my plans – here’s the Space Needle.


If you’ve seen photos of Seattle from across the bay, you’ll know that the Space Needle is located a couple miles from the main Seattle downtown area. This has two effects for photographers trying to capture the Seattle skyline – 1) It’s difficult to get a nice full skyline photo with both the Space Needle (unless from Kerry Park but more on that later) because there’s so much ’empty’ space between the Needle and downtown and 2) from the Space Needle you can a fantastic unobstructed high-elevation view of the rest of Seattle’s skyline.


There are a bunch of cables preventing people/things from falling over the edge and these cables really obstruct your view of the city. I did a very amateur job of removing those cables from the above photo. You can’t notice the photoshop job at first glance but a careful examination reveals the amateur quality of the job…

When at a distance from such a fantastic view, it’s always fun to bust out the telephoto lens and get some zoomed in shots.


It’s such a fantastic view. Reminds me of the views of Chicago I got from the John Hancock Observatory.

Thank you and please come back for my next few posts on Seattle!


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