Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Rocky Mountains)

For this week’s photo challenge I decided to first post a couple photos of Mother Nature’s Masterpiece: The Rocky Mountains.


No matter how great the creation, what man made cannot match the gradiosity and scale of nature. These immense mountains carved out by a huge glacier – which is itself a tremendous sheet of ice taller than any man-made building – are truly an amazing sight.


This giant mountain range spans across North America, from Utah/Colorado all the way up to Canada. These photos were taken from Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

I’m currently in the process of processing photos from my trip there, so I’ll have more photos coming soon in the following days and couple weeks. I’ll also try to post another response to this week’s challenge for a masterpiece created by men (fantastic skylines).

Please enjoy, thank you!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Rocky Mountains)

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