Midnight Flight out of LA

When I flew out to Chicago a couple weeks ago, I took a red-eye flight out of LAX into Chicago O’Hare.

If you’ve ever flown into Los Angeles Airport, you know that Southern California is just miles and miles of uninterrupted buildings and civilization. This, at night, is far more spectacular.


I think I took this photos a bit into the flight, as I can’t seem to be able to recognize which areas exactly these photos are of.


Pretty cool though I think. How does your city compare to Los Angeles?


6 thoughts on “Midnight Flight out of LA

  1. Definitely less light :D. Prague airport is on the outskirts of Prague and planes typically don’t fly over the city or close enough to it so that you’d see Prague lights in the sky. So all you see are the highways and small villages immediately surrounding Prague šŸ™‚

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