Chicago Skyline from the Navy Pier

Chicago Skyline from the Navy Pier

Chicago’s skyline, the city itself, is in a big ‘T’ shape. Most of the skyline is visible along a long straight line of buildings then the Navy Pier sticks out on one end. If you view the city from either end of that long line, the other side is partially blocked by that middle part sticking out into the lake.

So to really get a ‘full’ view of the city, you need to view it from the Navy Pier (or on a boat, better yet from the air).

Apparently, this spot is not that well known. It’s from the top floor of the parking garage at Navy Pier. The view would probably be a lot better at night, when the buildings and ferris wheel are lit up.

This was on my last day in Chicago and I really wasn’t too interested in coming here, but I had a couple hours left over and decided to stop by. I actually walked all the way over here from Millennium Park. Grabbed a bite at Yolk (prime rib eggs benedict anybody?) then wandered around the Pier looking for this spot. If you’re driving then you just go to the parking lot and head to the top floor. If you’re walking, find the ferris wheel and head up to the roof of the next building. That white tent is smaller than it looks because that photo is a 3 shot panorama.

Great view from up there, didn’t have my tripod nor the time to wait it out until sunset when all the buildings would be lit up but still got to enjoy a great view.

Please let me know if you have any great shots from this elusive spot!


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