My Car & the Milky Way

My Car Under the Milky Way

So while my Olympus OMD was continuously shooting the Milky Way on its tripod, I had a Olympus XZ-1 with me so I decided to play around with it.

I didn’t have another tripod handy so it was difficult to keep the camera steady. For this shot, I used the desert sand to angle and hold the camera steady and used a 2sec delayed shutter. Camera settings were f/1.8 20sec ISO1250.

It’s not the sharpest shot I have, but pretty cool isn’t it?

My car’s a first gen Infiniti FX35 by the way. She’s a beauty.



9 thoughts on “My Car & the Milky Way

  1. This is seriously impressive. Your car looks sexy! I’ve got an Olympus XZ-1 too, but haven’t really played around with it. This image makes me want to rectify that error, pronto.

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