Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree (SF Hippies)

I’m not quite sure ‘hippies’ would be the right term for these guys, but that’s the best word I could come up with to describe them (other suggestions very welcome).

I was up in SF for a weekend a couple weeks back with my family. I was taking my mom on a tour of SF (although we’ve lived nearby in San Jose for a long time, it’s refreshing to visit your old city and nearby tourist areas).

My brother wanted to stop by this café, which was acclaimed to be one of the best in San Francisco. Caffe Trieste was the shop. We drove up there, near the border of Little Italy and Chinatown and these two guys were sitting in front of the shop.


Quite the characters don’t you think? The guy on the left, especially, with his long hair, cool sunglasses, and pretty(?) bag… just sitting in front of a café with his drink and a cigarette. He definitely left quite an impression. Doesn’t he look quite ‘carefree’?

What do you think? Hippies? Hipsters? Gramps? What’s the best word for these gentlemen?



8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree (SF Hippies)

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