Photo 4: Black & White vs Color

I had this shot of Chicago’s skyline taken from the John Hancock Observatory… and a few days it ago it dawned on me that the shot might look good in B&W.

Please let me know in the comments which version you prefer!



Thank you!


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15 thoughts on “Photo 4: Black & White vs Color

  1. I like them both equally. To me each has its own strengths. The color one for its little blasts of brightness and obscurity. In the b&w one the buildings seem to be more visible, more detailed, clean.

  2. Both are strong, but it has to be B&W. The information carried by colour are rather minimal, and the enhanced impact of the bare information and aesthetics that are conveyed by b&w kick right through with no second thoughts.

  3. Both of the photos have strong points. In the BW I appreciate that you see a little of the details of the builidings in the foreground. In the color the blues and red lights really catch your eyes. Normally I’m a huge fan of black and white because I think it simplifies things where it catches your interest. In this case though I prefer the color because I want something for my eyes to focus on and draw me into the photo and the blue and red lights do just that. I find myself struggling to find a focal point in the black and white.

    • I always appreciate such thorough analysis of my photos – they’re such eye openers for me too. You have a great point – the BW may be lacking a focal point… all too much of the same thing.

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