Tianmu Lake – Jiang Ziya Memorial

In early May, most of Asia goes on vacation for various holidays including Labor Day, Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, Birthday of Buddha, etc.

That meant I had some time off to visit Tianmu Lake with my family.

Jiang Ziya Memorial Tianmu Lake

On top of Tianmu Mountain (which is right next to Tianmu Lake), there’s a statue of Jiang Ziya, which was a famous Chinese military strategist. This was apparently where he was born and where the king found him fishing. There’s a giant statue of him that stands on top of the mountain, which is visible from miles away.

Jiang Ziya Memorial Tianmu Lake

There’s also a small temple besides the statue where monks pray. This was a little disappointing though as it seemed more business-like than a temple. They ask you to buy incense and pray, then make a donation. If not, they don’t really care about you.

Jiang Ziya Memorial Tianmu Lake

Overall it was pretty cool. Got a few photos out of it so great! Also a great walk around the place, lots of trees, scenery, and great air (which isn’t that common in China).

Hope you enjoyed my photos! Thank you.


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