I’m an engineer in Orange County that recently picked up photography as a hobby. I thought it’d be fun to start a blog about my photography journey, starting with why and how I got my first camera and sharing about how I’m learning about camera settings, exposure, post-processing, composition, and new camera gear. I wish I had started this blog earlier in my journey, but I’ll go back and share a bit about the past 6 months as I go.

There will be posts about night-outs with my friends, photo-trips that I take, discussing new gear, my lust for new gear, and new things I’m learning and exploring.

Please feel free to comment on my work and share your thoughts and criticisms (constructive please)!

You can email me at skpman.hsk@gmail.com if you have any questions, my name is Shawn.

Thank you.


52 thoughts on “About

  1. hi, thanks for visiting … i love the vegas photo, brought in a lot of memories. may i ask if the balboa pier is in san diego where Ruby’s Diner and Charlie the Pelican?

    beautiful photos, would visit again.

  2. Your photos are really amazing! I got a camera almost a year ago but I still haven’t gotten around to learning all the technical stuff. After looking through your blogs, it seems about time I get on that! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. Thanks for the follow 🙂 nice blog you have here! Its good to link up with other photo blogs as I am just starting out on mine 🙂 hope to see you around here soon! 🙂

  4. Hi Shawn,

    My name is Jason and I run a gallery in the Santa Ana Artists Village. We host monthly showcases featuring a variety of emerging artists from photographers, to painters, to jewelry designers. I am a huge fan of the work that you do. We would love to have you participate in one of our upcoming Santa Ana Artists Village Art Walk showcases. These showcases happen on the first Saturday of every month. The next two showcases happen on June 1 and July 6. Please take a moment to visit our website http://www.orangecountycreatives.wordpress.com to learn about our gallery and opportunities to participate. You can also email me at orangecountycreativesinfo@gmail.com if you have any questions.


    • Jason, I am honored to have received your invitation but I’m afraid I don’t have enough printed work to display or sell at your Art Walk. My photography is still mainly a hobby for me, I’m not sure most of my work is good enough to be printed! Perhaps when I slowly build up my printed collection this summer, I will get back to you and maybe I can participate then. Thank you!

      • Thanks for the response Shawn. You have some great photos. I could scan through your images and pick out 10 images that would be amazing in print in a matter of seconds. Good luck as you pursue your photography and if at any moment you think you would like to try to show a couple of pieces to see the response you get we would love to have you use our gallery as a testing ground. Looking forward to continuing to follow your work.

  5. Just a head’s up – when I looked at your first gallery, there were quite a few captions without photos.

  6. Thank you for liking my post! I thought your name looked familiar, and it turns out I’ve been following you on Instagram as well!! Amazing photos :). Social media really is shrinking the world!

  7. Thanks for visiting and liking my latest blog post. As a new blogger, it’s encouraging to get positive feedback from others, especially those interested in photography. I will enjoy following your blog.

  8. Sean, your work is lovely! Love your use of light! Thanks so much for liking my posting today on Tide Line Still Life. I really appreciate it.

  9. Thank you for following me as I am just an amateur learning. Years ago I was good as I knew professionals. Recently I found myself in two County Newspaper as Picture of The Week so have got sidetracked from music/writing now. Love the sky scenes. So clear and sharp. Thanks for sharing your story. Much appreciated for you looking into my blog about Jim.

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