Photo Gallery


26 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. What a gorgeous gallery!! There are so many shots I really like- seaaggulls 🙂 , Twin towers, lonely palm, all the sunsets, shiny police motorcycle, NF trolley…

  2. Hi,
    You really have a good eye for photo opportunities! I will definately be following your posts. Thanks for the like and hope to see you visiting my blog again. Comments are much appreciated!

  3. hi
    Love your pictures-some are stunning l particularly like your nighttime cityscapes and sunsets. l like this gallery layout, could you tell me how l can do this. l’m not so good with all the IT.


  4. Lots of beautiful shots. I’m glad you stopped by my blog or I never would have found you. Perhaps you have already taken a look around my blog, but if not, I take a wide range of photos though at this time of year my “100 meters” experiment will mainly be flowers, bugs and the like.

  5. Wow! Fantastic work! It took forever for the itty-bitty internet connection on this island to load all the thumbnails, but it was worth the wait. I’m going to come back when I have a proper connection…!

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