Wuxi Streets in B&W

Wuxi Streets in B&W

Got a chance to walk around the streets a bit with my camera.

I gotta admit, I was a bit scared to go into the real alleyways. Afterall, parts of this country can still be pretty dangerous. Especially since I know so little of the language.

Got a nice shot though, I think, of a slightly bigger market street.

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Photo 4: Black & White vs Color

I had this shot of Chicago’s skyline taken from the John Hancock Observatory… and a few days it ago it dawned on me that the shot might look good in B&W.

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Through Glass

Here are a couple shots of scenes shot through windows/glass doors that seemed to look better in B&W.


I was walking around Redondo Beach Pier and came across this stairway on the other side of a glass window. There was so much in the image. I don’t think I did the scene justice… I really want to go back so I can explore/experiment with this scene again! Only had my Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 with me at the time, so couldn’t do much with focal lengths…


From the inside of the Cheesecake Factory at Glendale Americana. I toned down the exposure slightly to allow proper exposure of the outside and lifted my camera up instead of angling it upwards so I could get reduce distortion. I’m really starting to play with the lens distortion adjustment sliders in Lightroom… trying to get buildings pointing straight up rather than leaning back.

This was a really colorful, nice scene in color too but I think the B&W gave it nice contrast. Speaking of Americana, I have a few photos coming up this week from that mall!

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