Tianmu Lake – Jiang Ziya Memorial

In early May, most of Asia goes on vacation for various holidays including Labor Day, Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, Birthday of Buddha, etc.

That meant I had some time off to visit Tianmu Lake with my family.

Jiang Ziya Memorial Tianmu Lake

On top of Tianmu Mountain (which is right next to Tianmu Lake), there’s a statue of Jiang Ziya, which was a famous Chinese military strategist. This was apparently where he was born and where the king found him fishing. There’s a giant statue of him that stands on top of the mountain, which is visible from miles away.

Jiang Ziya Memorial Tianmu Lake

There’s also a small temple besides the statue where monks pray. This was a little disappointing though as it seemed more business-like than a temple. They ask you to buy incense and pray, then make a donation. If not, they don’t really care about you.

Jiang Ziya Memorial Tianmu Lake

Overall it was pretty cool. Got a few photos out of it so great! Also a great walk around the place, lots of trees, scenery, and great air (which isn’t that common in China).

Hope you enjoyed my photos! Thank you.


Autumn in New England

I know it’s Spring, and I’m across at least one continent and an ocean, but I thought I’d post some photos that I forgot to post from last year.

Business brought me to the Northeast last year. I drove from Boston to Connecticut to New Hampshire to New York. It was a fantastic trip. A trip that was especially great to do during the Autumn foliage season.

Please enjoy the pics and let me know which is your favorite!

New England Autumn Foliage


New England Autumn Foliage

New England Autumn Foliage

New England Autumn Foliage

This last photo is a crop of the one above. What do you think of each view?

Thank you!


Wuxi Streets in B&W

Wuxi Streets in B&W

Got a chance to walk around the streets a bit with my camera.

I gotta admit, I was a bit scared to go into the real alleyways. Afterall, parts of this country can still be pretty dangerous. Especially since I know so little of the language.

Got a nice shot though, I think, of a slightly bigger market street.

Thanks for visiting!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective (Downtown Minneapolis)

Last year, business brought me to Minneapolis a few times. After scouring the city for locations to shoot, I found a place to take this shot:


At first glance, it may seem like I took it from a helicopter since I’m high above the middle of a freeway.

In reality, I was shooting from a pedestrian bridge through a hole in the fence.


Hope you enjoyed my photos!